Canyon Suites

Boulder, Colorado

Architectural services for this speculative downtown Boulder office building began with a feasibility study. Garth Braun Associates, P.C. provided additional development services including Flood Plain Permits and Setback Variances. To optimize use of the site, parking was located below the building. This two story brick, glass curtain wall and steel building sold in 1995 for a record per square foot price.

Alpine Federal Savings & Loan

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This 26,000 square foot building housed a savings and loan and a US Postal Service Office. Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this mountain project incorporates an existing building foundation in its design. The project won a W.O.O.D. Award of Merit. This project was completed by Garth Braun, AIA, while employed by another firm.

Steel Mixed Use

Belize, Central America

This 32,150 S.F. mixed use infill project in the center of San Pedro, Belize was to be developed on five lots dissected by a major roadway. The challenge was to develop a pedestrian friendly retail office and residential “place” while accommodating heavy vehicular through traffic. The solution involved introducing the concept of pedestrian islands, landscape medians and raised crosswalks. In addition, GBA was retained to provide development consulting input to evaluate the return on investment.

Holiday Inn Express

Boulder, Colorado

This 29,200 S.F. 58 room hotel included flexible meeting rooms, an exercise room and exterior pool. The client returned to GBA for the addition which was completed a number of years later. The project required a Site Review, parking reductions and negotiations with the City of Boulder for its approval.


Superior Park Professional Center

Superior, Colorado

The Superior Park Professional Center is a proposed 54,000 SF medical and professional office building development to be built in two phases on a 5.9-acre site. As a result of the intensive Planned Development process, the development is clustered on the lowest portion of the site, creating a “professional village” of building elements. Keeping the buildings low helps maintain the integrity of the ridgeline beyond and visually screens the parking, reducing the visual impact on neighboring properties. Extensive landscaping, parking lot walking paths and a common entry plaza help create a pedestrian and user-friendly environment.


CCI Charter School

Denver, Colorado

The CCI Literacy & Technology Charter School is a great example of adaptive re-use.  An existing 113,705 SF building, previously the National Headquarters for Samsonite, was reconfigured and remodeled in order to meet the school’s programmatic needs. A 12,050 SF gymnasium with attached locker and toilet rooms was also added just east of the main building entrance. The revised floor plan and addition takes advantage of natural day lighting and gives each student group a sense of belonging and identity within the larger school. A 14,000 SF Training & Events Center is planned for a future phase.

Boulder Housing Partners

Boulder, Colorado

16,780 SF of facility Administration and Maintenance headquarters which brings together, under one roof, a previously scattered multi-departmental agency. This building utilized many "green" architectural concepts. The use of daylighting, low energy consumption, waterless urinals, self-cleaning site water detention ponds, to name just a few. Completed 2003.

National Federation of the Blind

Denver, Colorado

These images of the National Federation of the Blind show the use of inexpensive building materials and innovative interior layouts for the project. They reflect the significant influence a limited budget can have on developing an intriguing design solution. Completed 1995.

Boulder Housing Partners

Boulder, Colorado

The Boulder Housing Partners had previously been dispersed through several different facilities in the city. Garth Braun Associates provided multiple site feasibility studies and conceptual space plans relative to the Housing Partner's goal of bringing their offices and maintenance shops together into one facility. Shown here are explorations of a site in North Boulder.


Silverthorne Court Building B

Silverthorne, Colorado

Garth Braun Associates provided extensive planning for the Silverthorne Court Building B retail project in Silverthorne, Colorado. The 27,500 SF, $1,800,000 project also involved town board review.

Dillon Factory Stores

Dillon, Colorado

Garth Braun Associates provided a master plan and conceptual design for this 54,000 SF complex on 4.75 acres located in the mountain resort town of Dillon, Colorado. Design priorities included visibility, pedestrian orientation and signage. Building "F" was completed in 1996.

Tenant Finish

Hutchinson, Black & Cook LLC

Boulder, Colorado

The tenant finish for Hutchinson, Black, and Cook LLC makes extensive use of curved forms, maple accents, and steel supports. The end result is a dynamic, modern and warm space for this long-standing Boulder firm.

Caplan & Earnest LLC

Boulder, Colorado

When Caplan & Earnest LLC outgrew their existing space, Garth Braun Associates developed plans for this law firm to take over the entire floor, exploring both conventional and unconventional office layouts. The design involved ensuring the aesthetic continuity of old and new, as well as developing new lobby signage.


Western Disposal Services

Boulder, Colorado

This project for Western Disposal Services, Inc. included the design of an 18-acre master plan and the construction of four structures: an office building, maintenance shop, scale station, and recycling/transfer station. The project included flood control and county commissioner approval and was built on a fast-track schedule. Completed 1988.