Garth Braun Associates, P.C. (GBA) is an architectural, planning, and development consulting firm providing services from along the front range of Colorado to the shores of Belize, Central America, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and beyond. For over forty years, GBA has been quietly providing a consistent hands-on, personalized, comprehensive approach to the practice of architecture otherwise referred to as the "art of problem solving". Problem solving has become one of the cornerstones for GBA. This skill allows the firm to take on projects ranging from large scale land planning to detailed industrial and institutional projects, and from the market sensitive requirements of resort, retail and commercial design to the personal hands-on approach required for private residences. 

Throughout all projects, GBA develops creative architectural and planning solutions that integrate quality design with the economic and social aspects required of each commission This has lead to an unprecedented high percentage of repeat clients and referrals, thus validating GBA’s commitment to client satisfaction.

Thoroughness and follow-through are additional cornerstones of GBA. With this commitment to thoroughness and follow-through on every project, GBA strives to complete projects on-time and provide comprehensive, and well-coordinated contract documents, thus speeding the construction process and allowing for more accurate construction pricing.

Collaboration with other professionals has further widened the project diversity and expertise of the firm. Having a reputation for being professional, ethical, and devoted to a high quality of service for the client, whereby the client’s clearly defined needs and objectives are the sole focus of the team, has allowed GBA to be the leader of many collaborative projects. These projects have ranged in scale from resorts, K-12 charter schools, interior designs for law offices and film studios, to private residences.

Communication is essential in accomplishing our goals. By making the decision process accessible to all members of the design and project team, GBA establishes and maintains excellent lines of communication throughout every project.

The creation of the "optimum solution" as opposed to "a solution" is the goal of all GBA projects. This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive, solution oriented approach. Combining knowledge of the design process and constructability with an understanding of financing mechanisms, political processes, market driving forces and schedules allows this optimum solution to be realized. This is what is meant by providing the "Art of Problem Solving", through the practice of architecture. This uncompromising respect for client’s goals, hands-on involvement, thoroughness and follow-through, producing a high percentage of repeat clients and referrals characterize the history and the future of Garth Braun Associates, P.C.