Research & Development

Nature's Apothecary

Louisville, Colorado

The client was interested in creating a strong corporate image for this 24,000 SF tilt-wall concrete building. Located in Louisville, Colorado, it is designed to expand another 9,000 SF as the client grows. Additionally, further expansion can be accommodated on the adjacent lot.

The building program contains office, H-3 storage (flammable and high pile storage), and production facilities. Completed 1997.

Cybermedic, Inc.

Louisville, Colorado

The client for this 24,000 SF Colorado Technological Center building wanted a high quality image. Their need for varied spaces required a flexible and adaptable layout. Completed 1989.

B.I. Incorporated

Boulder, Colorado

This 48,000 SF production warehouse and office building utilizes a concrete tilt-wall system. Initially, several possible sites were explored. The project was ultimately built in the Gunbarrel Office Park. Garth Braun Associates worked closely with the client to develop a floor plan that would allow them to occupy only part of the building initially and expand over time.

The client initially occupied 31,000 square feet. The production facility created a quality image for the client's customers. Production areas included electronic clean-rooms and exhaust chambers for working with toxic chemicals.

Head Sports, Inc.

Louisville, Colorado

Garth Braun Associates provided site and programming analysis for this 106,000 SF regional headquarters for Head Sports, Inc. The project included evaluations to help identify site constraints and costs, identification of optimal spatial and functional relationships for the various departments to establish the size of the new facility, and collaboration with the developer to package the project.